REVIEW: The Greatest book ever written: THE BIBLE

The Holy Bible: God’s Holy Word

I would guess that almost everybody has heard of the Bible, at least in the West, I would even go as far as to say that just about everybody has at one time or another read the Bible. But what do you really know about the Bible? I mean I have this computer and I know how to use it a little bit, but to be honest with you there is so much I don’t know about this computer. I bought it about 3 years ago, I have had several computers since they came out in the early 80’s as a matter of fact I bought and tried to sell the first computer “The Texas Instruments TI-99/4A (on left) is a home computer, released June 1981 in the United States at a price of $525″  Of course I didn’t do so good at selling them because nobody thought they would be much use to them, as a matter of fact I would tell people “One day everyone in the U.S.A. would have one in there house, only to be told I was crazy, this would never catch on plus they cost to much!

Dell Inspiron Touch Screen Intel Core 

The computer on the right is a DELL inspiron all in one Desktop with a touch screen, (I never use the touch screen) but I want you to see how different they look and as far as capability the difference is day and night.

I know I’m doing a review on the Bible but I want to make a very important point right here, as we see technology change every day, I mean you can buy a new computer and it’s outdated before you get home. Their are some things that never change and I mean never!                                                                                        

Here is a picture of King James 1611 version: Here is one you can buy today!

The Bible is one of those things that never changes, it has been the same since it was written, I know their are many translations and versions but the Word of God is the only thing in the world that we can honestly say is exactly the same as it was 1,000’s of years ago when it was written.

Universal Truths & Facts About the Bible

The Bible Is Our Standard

  1. How many books are in the Bible? The Bible contains 66 books, divided among the Old and New Testaments.
  2. How many books are in the Old Testament? There are 39 books in the Old Testament.
  3. How many books are in the New Testament? There are 27 books in the New Testament.  The King James Bible contains 788,258 words, 31,102 verses, 1,189 chapters.[
  4. What does “testament” mean? Testament means “covenant” or “contract.”
  5. Who wrote the Bible? The Bible was written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit by over 40 different authors from all walks of life: shepherds, farmers, tent-makers, physicians, fishermen, priests, philosophers and kings. Despite these differences in occupation and the span of years it took to write it, the Bible is an extremely cohesive and unified book.
  6. Which single author contributed the most books to the Old Testament? Moses. He wrote the first five books of the Bible, referred to as the Pentateuch; the foundation of the Bible.
  7. Which single author contributed the most books to the New Testament? The Apostle Paul, who wrote 14 books (over half) of the New Testament.
  8. When was the Bible written? It was written over a period of some 1,500 years, from around 1450 B.C. (the time of Moses) to about 100 A.D. (following the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ).
  9. What is the oldest book in the Old Testament? Many scholars agree that Job is the oldest book in the Bible, written by an unknown Israelite about 1500 B.C. Others hold that the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible) are the oldest books in the Bible, written between 1446 and 1406 B.C.
  10. What is the youngest book in the Old Testament? The book of Malachi, written about 400 B.C.
  11. What is the oldest book of the New Testament? Probably the book of James, written as early as A.D. 45.
  12. What is the youngest book in the New Testament? The Book of Revelation is the youngest book of the New Testament, written about 95 A.D.
  13. What languages was the Bible written in? The Bible was written in three languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Koine Greek.
  14. When was the Bible canonized? The entire New Testament as we know it today, was canonized before the year 375 A.D. The Old Testament had previously been canonized long before the advent of Christ.
  15. What does “canon” mean? “Canon” is derived front the Greek word “Kanon,” signifying a measuring rod. Thus, to have the Bible “canonized” meant that it had been measured by the standard or test of divine inspiration and authority. It became the collection of books or writings accepted by the apostles and leadership of the early Christian church as a basis for Christian belief. It is the standard by which all Christians throughout the ages live and worship.
  16. When was the first translation of the Bible made into English? 1382 A.D., by John Wycliffe.
  17. When was the Bible printed? The Bible was printed in 1454 A.D. by Johannes Gutenberg who invented the “type mold” for the printing press. It was the first book ever printed.
  18. What is the oldest almost-complete manuscript of the Bible now in existence? The Codex Vaticanus, which dates from the first half of the fourth Century. It is located in the library of the Vatican in Rome. There are older fragments of the Bible that are still preserved however– the oldest being a tiny scrap of the Gospel of John was found in Egypt, dating back to the beginning of the second century. (It is currently in the Rayland’s Library in Manchester, England).
  19. What is the longest book in the Bible? The book of Psalms.
  20. What is the shortest book in the Bible? 2 John.
  21. What is the longest chapter in the Bible? Psalm 119
  22. What is the shortest chapter in the Bible? Psalm 117
  23. What is the longest verse in the Bible? Esther 8:9
  24. What is the shortest verse in the Bible? John 11:35
  25. Which book in the Bible does not mention the word “God?” The book of Esther.
  26. Who was the oldest man that ever lived? Methuselah who lived to be 969 years old (Genesis 5:27).
  27. Who were the two men in the Bible who never died but were caught up to heaven? Enoch, who walked with God and was no more (Genesis 5:22-24). Elijah, who was caught up by a whirlwind into heaven (II Kings 2:11).
  28. Who does the Bible say was the meekest man in the Bible (not including Jesus)? Moses (Numbers 12:3).
  29. Is the Bible still the best-selling book in the world? Yes, indeed!

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I have never tried to force my opinion down anybody’s throat or force somebody to do what they didn’t want to do, but I have to ask you this, a book that has been around for thousands of years, sold more than any book in the world, there’s not one book that has even come close to selling as many copies as the Bible, don’t you think you could at least take a look at it and read a little bite of it and see for yourself? You see my friend every journey starts with one step. Hey why not buy it, try it, you may really like it! Hey have a GREAT DAY!

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